Not my story

Certain people have this sort of attraction that make people take a second look at them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be beauty beyond mortality or anything merely of appearance. It may be the way that person interact with others or the way that person treat others with much earnestness. Don’t blame me if I […]

Rainy days – A Quoi Bon Dire?!

It just won’t stop raining. And rain (<- Bi oppa pun. hahaha) does things to people, like making them feel sad. That thing about pathetic fallacy, you know? It really does work that way. When you sit on a swing, all alone and staring out at the rain that falls so ever slowly in the […]

Muse and WB

I couldn’t figure it out for the longest time; the reason I’m losing that ‘touch’. He is sitting right there: grinning at me with the most sinister yet charming smile. Finally, realisation dawned on me. I have heard of his counterpart – or maybe one of his family members – paying a visit to my […]