In a parallel universe

I get out of bed, peeling the white fluffy comforter away from me. I walk down the wooden flight of stairs towards the kitchen. The island and cupboards are made of white-washed wood. I make myself a cup of latte with my brand new espresso machine and feel refreshed instantly. While sipping at my coffee, the phone rings twice. I pick it up to hear the voice of this really important person in my life. I smile to myself and hang up after a 2-minute conversation. It does not need to be long yet it makes all the difference.

Just as I get dressed up, I receive an email from work and I drive to work in a nice car; not too posh, just a decent ride.

(Here in this universe, I have gotten myself a degree from a decent university and land a job in editing. I get to date a great guy who’s tall, a tad bit swarthy but still sweet when he needs to be. I go on to do a Master’s degree jn English Literature and I can speak French fluently.)

[This parallel universe thing should be continued some other time… either way, I am becoming far too delusional for my own good.]


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