Of love & hidden charms

And oh goodie, now I want a Robbin Hood of mine own.   You see a gadget someone uses onscreen: Swipe, swipe, swipe… Google and you find it.   But when you see a hottie hidden under a hoodie (and the heroine has to always be too-blind-to-see-the-true-hero), you hope that you can just sweep him […]

The power of Product placement

Have i mentioned how much I wanted a City Hunter iPhone cover although I didn’t  have an iPhone at all? Every iPhone cover used by the actor looked so good. Probably just because it was onscreen and that it looked good in those actors’ hands. I also wanted all the bags used by Park Min […]

Life has killed the dream I dreamed

How strange it seemed that even until now, the reality seemed to have set in my head but it refuses to sink in my heart. It is as if, I still can’t believe that a child from that distant childhood memory is now gone forever. Those days have become too hazy but I can barely […]