The things this misery can do to you

When I speak politely, I actually want to shout and curse at you. For example : It would be decent if you would bring your humour somewhere else more appropriate. Thanks. What I’m trying to say : F*** ***!!! Just go somewhere nobody can see or hear you! When you’re mourning and grieving, others may […]

Life and death

I have no better ways of expressing myself but to write.   I have just received a grim news. A child just died. He was a young boy, not the smartest nor the most hardworking but he was a decent kid. I tutored him for a little while back then and helped him with the […]

A year goes by and another comes

I’m a drama addict so what would be a better way than to end the year with a round of talk about dramas and films? The year is coming really close to an end, and yes, I actually have more important things I ought to attend to but well, you’re not a self-proclaimed addict for […]


The mysterious end of that season I think, did I really love you? Somewhere, all those times that we were together I look back to those times, as if I could touch it, as if it was yesterday Each moment, I think of you That voice that quietly rang with a low tone Even your […]


You know a good short film when you see it. And when there’s a good title, you just have to give it a shot! I must say, THIS is a good film   Domestic violence may not be a concern of the public as much as theft or robbery does. For one, it is mostly […]