Keen eyes

I’m trying to apply to a Filming major in a university but this particular one requires me to submit either a video or a 5-pages script. And it had me started on keeping a keen eye on certain things. One would be how films, whether short or long, are executed. How narration impacts the development […]


For once, I tried looking up on information about Tablo (real name : Daniel Armand Lee) Never knew about him until I watched the YG Family special on Strong Heart. And after reading about him on Wikipedia, I find him a rather interesting individual. And he just had to be a genius who majored English […]

One shot at life

One shot at life; one shot at rebellion and one shot at following my heart. She tells me not to do it anymore; not to apply to universities in the States. She tells me that I have to do English as a degree. It’s not that I hate the idea, not at all. But I […]

Not my story

Certain people have this sort of attraction that make people take a second look at them. It doesn’t necessarily have to be beauty beyond mortality or anything merely of appearance. It may be the way that person interact with others or the way that person treat others with much earnestness. Don’t blame me if I […]

Rainy days – A Quoi Bon Dire?!

It just won’t stop raining. And rain does things to people, like making them feel sad. That thing about pathetic fallacy, you know? It really does work that way. When you sit on a swing, all alone and staring out at the rain that falls so ever slowly in the night. The silent brooding and […]