Why is it that everyday, especially weekends, people crave for coffee, tea and desserts at 9pm onwards? Since Facebook is becoming a place too public than not, i’m randomly venting here. Can no longer voice out there… What?! Advertisements

Time and Death

I may not be afraid of death but I am darn well scared of that package called Death. Death itself is not frightening but the little things that comes along with it. The thought of leaving even though you have promised to stay. The thought of not doing something for someone in time. The thought […]

My Starbucks experience

It’s 8 am. I only had 3 hours of sleep and woke up earlier than my alarm clock. Not normal. But then again, at least im early. Though im pretty sure that i’ll die ere the day is half done. So far, i’ve worked around 6 shifts. Seen more people than i have in the […]