Procrastinating procrastination

Frozen in time – in the moment of the holiday and laziness. Caught up in the past where it still didn’t matter but it’s time I move on and start studying! Sometimes, I feel like I am rebelling against myself. Part of me that refuses to work and part of me asking myself to work. […]

Life is good

The little things in life, the insignificant moments – they make up the best parts of life Late night coffee at the 24hour store; the faint scent of the jasmines by the road on the way home; someone to be there by your side when you’re working late into the night. The little things in […]

Just because

I have never contemplated suicide Of course I have thought about death before but suicide was out of the question. Because I knew that I had it so much better than a lot of the people out there; my life was not as bad as some of the worst ones. God gave me everything that […]

Literature, again

I have already tested the waters. Initially, I was in doubt of myself – whether or not I was having illusions in liking Literature as a subject. There isn’t a doubt that I enjoyed reading but I started off reading light; from children books to young adult fiction or escapist fiction. Reading from authors of […]

Why I Like Literature (Part I)

I want to learn to read and write. This may sound absurd but what I truly mean is that I want to learn how to read in-depth and to pen works with substance. Literature used to be something that was too obscure to me; so much that I didn’t know whether I would like it […]


Amazing how they are well-preserved in different ways Stored in the form of records or CDs that i take out of the shelf every once in a while. I blow off the dust, play it on repeat. I just love the way those memories can still be played like a record. Crumpled pieces of papers […]

The Law of The triangle – fun, grades & sleep

Scholars!!! Entering the campus in swarms; taking over the library territory and my usual spot like it’s no one’s business. I used to spend almost everyday and every evenings on campus and in the library but now, I’m just here – in my bed – typing away on my phone. (thinks about the miles-long reading […]